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Snarky Puppy feat. Susana Baca and Charlie Hunter - Molino Molero (Family Dinner - Volume Two) - YouTube
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So you don’t feel like Comey’s testimony in any way takes away from the credibility of the tweets you put out, even with the quotes?

<!-- react-text: 271 -->No, I have, look. I have articles saying it happened. But you have to take a look at what they, they just went out at a news conference. Devin Nunes had a news conference. I mean I don’t know, I was unable to see it, because I am at meetings, but they just had a news conference talking about surveillance. Now again, it is in quotes. That means surveillance and various other things. And the New York <!-- /react-text -->Times<!-- react-text: 273 --> had a front-page story, which they actually reduced, they took it, they took it the word wiretapping out of the title, but its first story in the front page of the paper was wiretapping. And a lot of information has just been learned, and a lot of information may be learned over the next coming period of time. We will see what happens. Look. I predicted a lot of things that took a little of bit of time. Here, headline, for the front page of the New York <!-- /react-text -->Times<!-- react-text: 275 -->, "Wiretapped data used in inquiry of Trump aides." That’s a headline. Now they then dropped that headline, I never saw this until this morning. They then dropped that headline, and they used another headline without the word wiretap, but they did mean wiretap. Wiretapped data used in inquiry. Then changed after that, they probably didn’t like it. And they changed the title. They took the wiretap word out.

Donald Trump: TIME Interview on Truth and Falsehoods | Time.com
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big brands on twitter
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congrats on your new dog

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Office Job vs Retail Job by @noobtheloser

Check out Confessions of a Retail Worker


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The Silent Hills

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is that a buff delivery guy mermaid Christmas ornament

because I’ve been looking for that my whole goddamn life

is that one merman wearing jeans

means (mermaid jeans)


Merry jhristmas


The company is called December Diamonds. You’re welcome.

Other highlights of their merchandise:

They also have some neat mermaid ornaments as well as some truly bizarre things like a leather daddy flamingo, but let’s be real, these mermen are the main appeal.



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