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April 17 2017

This Keeps Happening
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April 15 2017

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Pianobell is an innovative approach to an old doorbell which allows your visitors to perform a short piece of music to get your attention.

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Nestlé hat weltweit Wasserrechte gekauft, auch in sehr trockenen Regionen. Nestlé Waters investiert in Nigeria und Äthiopien. Mehr als sieben Milliarden Euro Umsatz jährlich macht der Schweizer Konzern im Geschäft mit dem Wasser. Das Prinzip ist ganz einfach: Sie verkaufen abgefülltes Tafelwasser. Das ist Leitungswasser in Plastikflaschen. Dieses wird direkt aus dem Grundwasser abgepumpt und wird deswegen in einigen Ländern von Wasserschutzgesetzen nicht erfasst.

In der äthiopischen Somali-Region haben viele Nomaden ihre Herden verloren. Menschen leiden Hunger, und was diese Menschen dringend brauchen, ist Trinkwasser. Auch im Nordosten Nigerias drohen Hunderttausende Kinder zu verhungern und zu verdursten – und genau dort gräbt Nestlè das Wasser ab. Siehe: Trotz Dürre-Katastrophe und Kampf ums Land als eines der größten Sicherheitsrisiken – Nestlé gräbt das Wasser ab – neue Abfüllanlagen in Äthiopien und Nigeria

Trotz Dürre-Katastrophe - Nestlé pumpt 50.000 Liter pro Stunde Wasser aus Äthiopiens Boden und baut die Milchwirtschaft aus - netzfrauen– netzfrauen
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April 14 2017

It also reflected what I consider to be one of the great lessons of adulthood: that most of the institutions and endeavors we regard as ironclad — from parenting to politics — are actually held together with chewing gum and duct tape. Nothing truly works, at least not for long, or not in the way it’s supposed to. This reality is terrifying, because it exposes the precariousness of the existing order. But it’s also liberating, because it encourages the individual to act, to defy the ominous mythology of competence and control.
[Report] | Snowden’s Box, Jessica Bruder and Dale Maharidge | Harper's Magazine - Part 5
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April 13 2017

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And other minorities


Here Are the Jewish People



Western popular concepts of Jews that people here take as the extent of our tribe:

The reality:

Boys from the Jewish population of Yemen, which has been around for 2500 hundred years but has been slowly massacred over the past few generations.

The Lemba of South Africa and Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe in particular has a large and VERY long history with their Jewish Community)

The Abayudaya of Uganda, some of the great Jewish musicians

The Beta Israeli of Ethiopia

Igbo Jews of Nigeria

Cochin Jews of India 

Baghdadi Jews

Kaifeng Jews of China, who go back to the 7th or 8th century. Unfortunately, during the 20th century much of their culture was almost wiped out and the Kaifeng are currently working to rediscover their Jewish heritage and culture.

Jewish Children in Puerto Rico (Jews have been in Puerto Rico since the 15th century, many fleeing from the Inquisition)

The Beit Shalom Choir in Japan

Kosher comes in all colors, from all over the world, and in a variety cultural groups. We’re a small portion of the human population, but we have EVERYONE. We are all members of this tribe.

Because stereotypes are bullshit.

Boosting because you sure as fuck won’t see this in any Western textbook. 

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Is letting someone win at chess sapiosexual bottoming

does anyone on this godforsaken website ever think before they speak

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April 12 2017

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