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Neil Gaiman, American Gods

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Ba dum tss

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geht doch!
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In the “Idiocracy” universe, the most popular movie in America, and the winner of eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture, consists entirely of a man’s buttocks, passing gas intermittently for 90 minutes. Judge had made a 35-millimeter print of this movie-within-a-movie — just a few minutes of it — for a scene that takes place in a theater, and he wound up recruiting 250 of the “juvenile delinquents” to fill the seats. Judge figured he’d have to do a bit of directing to get the proper response from these extras — that context-free flatulence wouldn’t actually be that funny — but the kids surprised him. “They just start laughing,” he told me. “And they just keep laughing.”

He turned to his director of photography and wondered aloud why they were even bothering with “Idiocracy.” Couldn’t they just release this?

Mike Judge, the Bard of Suck - The New York Times
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I’d be lying if I said my job wasn’t interesting

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My ability to proofread increases by 1000% after I hit “Submit”.

this is often because when you’ve submitted something (like fanfiction to ao3) it will be in a different font, size and framing than in your word processor. The text will look different in the new environment so your brain stops skipping what looks familiar (like a typo that has been there since the beginning).

So, tip: revise your work in a different font and size. I guarantee you’ll catch more typos and mistakes than otherwise.

For all my writers (ones I follow and the ones that thankfully follow me)

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@WifiMatthias: Impression aus umgekippten ÖBB Railjet: zum Glück niemand schwer verletzt und WLAN hat durchgängig funktioniert
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have you consulted your pineal gland lately?

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I just realised I have the free will to draw anything I want without explaination


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But also, all my UK followers please register to #vote !! Voting and comics are the only fun part of politics

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